Answer your customers instantly with live chat

Live Chat In Help Desk Software

A proper and functioning live chat enables you to engage clients and website visitors and make concise and targeted answers to your customer without the need for set-up or integration. When we set out to build our live chat software we kept in mind the need to have a live chat software that works seamlessly with the helpdesk. The existence of even cheaper means of live chat and the desire of consumers for real-time engagement via phone and live chats have become very critical.

Engagement in Future

Contrary to popular and prevailing opinions installing, managing and integrating a live chat is not a complicated process. Our live chat system carries with it the requisite solutions for your typical 21st-century customer. It ensures that the client is not kept in limbo but merely awaits the ping sound that signals a reply from your agent. The best part about it that the software is capable of generating a transcript which will act as a proof of engagement in future.


Live Chat Software

Given that we live in a 24-hour economy a live chat offers you a form of 24/7 customer support platform by reducing response time and clearing up backlog requests. Additionally, our live chat software comes as a cheap alternative to the expensive costs incurred by clients when calling hotlines. This also means reduced infrastructure costs on your part when it comes to installation, running costs and maintenance.

Marketing Campaigns.

The core profit that our live chat software avails to you is the ability to collect critical consumer data. These include referral link, operating device, time on site and the number of visits, number of chats and the location of the client. These are such actionable data that quickly enable you to tailor your customer experience as well as your marketing campaigns.