Help sumo has an incredibly flexible report system

Reporting In Help Desk Software

Running a functional and efficient helpdesk system requires analysis and tracking of key metrics and indicators. These parameters are critical for providing exceptional customer service. Depending on the sophistication and the needs of your business our helpdesk software can provide you with lots of critical metrics for analysis. These indicators help you in decision making and employee appraisals. The metrics range from the response rate, frequency, timing of tickets, and the overall efficiency. We have the best helpdesk software that can be easily tweaked to provide several types of customized metrics.

Ticket count & Resolution

A helpdesk system is always about tickets. The system thrives in converting queries coming through phone, emails, social media and the web to tickets. Keep in mind that our system can provide your staffers with a simple report of all ticket inflows in a day or week. The system will also show you the kind and source of tickets that you’ve been receiving. This helps you to recognize the most frequent type of problems. It also shows you the most common platform that your clients use. This, in turn, helps you to customize your resolutions.

Channel-wise Distribution

Given that helpdesk provides you with a platform for handling multiple incoming channels it will also show you if the clients are migrating. This will help you to know which channel to give greater effort and concentration. This is such an incredible insight into the profile and nature of your clients. This kind of reporting also helps you to match ticket inflow with ticket resolution. In turn you’ll be able to know whether your team is understaffed or overstaffed. This kind of report helps you allocate resources commensurately.

Response and Resolution Time

Client ticket is such a critical part of proper service desk management. From the time the ticket arrives, the clock begins ticking. The response time is the period between the arrival of a ticket and the resolution of the ticket by a staffer. A client expects an immediate response or at the very least a notification to inform him that resolution is underway. In turn, you are also able to calculate the mean resolution time. This is the period that elapses between the arrival of a ticket and a complete settlement of the query.

Employee Appraisals

It’s very critical that you are able to assess how well your staffers handle tickets. One of the interesting features in our helpdesk is the variety of reports it yields on individual staff performance. From the report, you’ll be able to gauge how each staffer performs when it comes to response time and ticket resolution. You’ll also find out which staffer has been overloaded and which staffer handles disproportionately less work. This, in turn, enable you to reward employees and reallocate some of the responsibilities. In the end you are able to derive the optimal effort from each employee.