Email Ticketing

Email Ticketing In Help Desk Software

Very few businesses have managed to build a robust customer support culture. Majority of the efficient ones are heavily reliant on helpdesk software. Email ticketing is one of the core features that the helpdesk software avails to them. The system allows them to sort all client support emails and manage them from a centralized email ticketing system.

It Amplifies Productivity

A properly functioning email ticketing system with triaging and mass action features is such a critical part of customer support. It enables you to execute replies, changes, printing and resolution on a large number of emails at once. You are also able to perform merging, cloning, splitting to smoothing and relating the emails. This ensures that you never have to sort out email individually.

Monitor Tickets

The system allows you to monitor and track a ticket to its resolution. This prevents tickets from going unattended and precipitating a crisis. In particular, it allows you to gauge metrics like time used, nature of complaints and their frequency. It makes it easier to prioritize, sort, categorize and assign the emails to the respective support staff.

Communicate Contextually

An efficient email ticketing system provides the means with which you can continually update the specific clients on the progress of their issues. It allows you to personalize and contextualize the message. The email system also allows you to view ticket history and anticipate its resolution. This gives you greater control and data for decision making.

Knowledge Base

By monitoring the nature of queries, it becomes easier to develop knowledge base articles for the most recurrent and repetitive questions. This significantly cuts down on the number of questions that your staff has to handle. It also improves operational efficiency, raises worker’s productivity and saves resources which can be allocated elsewhere.