Kayako Alternative

Kayako offers four different solutions which are, live chat, self-service, social and integration which is the VoIP solution, compared to helpsumo who offer six different solutions. The helpsumo solutions are the ticket system, email support, live chat, self-support, social media and integration. Keep in mind that Kayako offers them as a complete package with no differentiation while helpsumo does give you two, four and six solution packages respectively at different prices. This means Kayako limits you regarding your ability to pick and choose the solutions that you need.

The biggest difference though is in terms of how the packages are priced. Kayako does not offer a free package, but they do offer a free trial of the existing packages. They do have the standard package, the growth package and the enterprise package at $29. $59 and $109. The three packages handle ten agents, 29 agents, and unlimited agents. On the other hand helpsumo offers free plan suitable for three staffers, baby plan suitable for SMEs and sumo plan suitable for multi-location and multifunctional firms.

Both rival companies offer 30-day free trial programs with the option of upgrading, downgrade or cancelling at any time. However Kayako does not indicate whether there is a cancellation fee while helpsumo makes it clear that there is no cancellation fee. Over and above that helpsumo allows you to upgrade all packages while Kayako does not permit you to upgrade the annual plan till the end of the designated financial period.

Overall I would say the helpsumo plan offers you greater flexibility both in terms of having an a la carte solution while also giving you flexibility with the pricing and the up/downgrading. This flexibility in helpsumo is critical given that business needs do change, and they also vary from one firm to another.