Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal In Help Desk Software

The essence of the helpdesk is to ease the load on your staffers. Given this goal, we provide automated helpdesk units that provide a platform for creating self-portals. Most often your clients would rather try figuring out solutions before they contact you. That’s why you need to have a system that can host a robust and effective self-service portals. Our helpdesk unit has a multi-features platform that enables your clients to design and monitor their self-service portals. The self-service portal is for hosting tricky questions, status of inquiries and provide community forums.

Maintain a Knowledge Base

Our helpdesk software allows you to create a knowledge base where you can aggregate as much content as possible. The best part about using our helpdesk software is that the tickets will enable you to figure out the most frequent queries. Through these, you are able to provide knowledge base articles that tackle the questions and related problems. It, in turn, gives your clients more authority and proactive opportunity in handling their queries. The self-service simply gives site visitor the ability to explore the knowledge base and support themselves.


Eliminates The Need For Login Credentials

In a typical self- service portal most customers are required to sign up in the system. Unless you want to collect emails for future marketing requiring your clients to sign up for portals can be bothersome. That’s why you need to have a self-service portal that’s readily available. Our helpdesk platform allows you to maintain a unique login site that allows your clients to login using their Twitter, Facebook, or Google accounts. This minimizes the requirement for them and enables them to access the portal without having to key in their personal credential to sign up.

Engage Clients in Community Forums

One of the interesting features about our helpdesk software is that it comes with an in-built community forum to promote the interaction among the clients and fans. The community forums are one of the most critical aspects of self-service. From the backend the community forum gives you an opportunity to feature requests, make product launches, provide feedback, and converse with your clients. It’s also open for customers to chat each other and share their thoughts, compliments, complaints, and functionality of your products.

Simplifies everything to a Simple widget

An even more exciting development when it comes to self-service portals is that it provides all the menu items on a simple widget. This is every critical for site navigation and face time. These widgets in our helpdesk represent the knowledge base, tickets, support centre, etc. It can also be customized to include features that are unique to your industry or clients. The simple widget primarily offers most of the critical functions including site map on a single drop down menu.