Zendesk Alternative

On average, Zendesk offers four features. These are chat, voice, messaging and inbox. Meanwhile, helpsumo offers six solutions which are the ticket system, email support, live chat, self-support, social media and integration. This lack of portal services on the Zen desk features is what gives helpsumo an edge as a competitor. That’s because the portal is critical if you are to serve your clients seamlessly.

Trial Periods

Portals tend to act as self-service centres which minimise the possibility of backlog from incoming enquiries. While both companies Helpsumo and Zendesk offer free trial services, Helpsumo offers a blanket 30 day trial on all features while Zen desk offers a varying free trial period. For example, the trial period for the live chat is 14 days free trial even though the other solutions have 30-day free trial periods. The other significant difference between these two rivals is that Helpsumo has divided the six solutions into three packages with two, four and six solutions respectively.


Meanwhile, Zendesk has different packages for different solutions. For example, they have three packages for phone support i.e. lite, basic and advanced while they have four packages for live chat i.e. lite, basic, advanced and premium. The Zendesk pricing plans can be confusing and overall they seem more expensive in the long run rather than piled up solutions present in helpsumo.


The most critical difference between this two helpdesk solution rival firms is that helpsumo allows you to opt without any cancellation fees. However, Zendesk charges for cancellation with no possible refunds. The other superior feature when it comes to helpsumo is that it does allow you to downgrade or upgrade at any point in time while Zendesk locks you in on a month on month basis. That means you have to wait till your plan expires for you to opt out.