Helpdesk Automation

There is no doubt that with the speed of technology and the hastiness of most modern day customers, it’s safe to say that the modern helpdesk is overwhelmed. The tragic is that most of these overwhelming tasks are rote, mundane and repetitive. That’s why we set out to create automation processes that can easily solve these kinds of challenges. Automating your helpdesk is critical. Besides being simple, financially prudent and fast, helpdesk automation helps you to retain and even add the number of clients that you can effectively serve.

Our helpsumo helpdesk automation, for example, eliminates most of the IT support issues as well as expand your ability to handle about 100 calls per week which are the average number that an agent handles. In particular, it allows you to create portals which in turn eliminates the need for complex multi-level passwords in the system for each employee. That’s why helpdesk automation avails access tools for end-users while eliminating the need for step by step help from your agents.

Our helpsumo best helpdesk automation enables the end-users to manage their portals and even change their passwords without having to contact your employees. Given the hundreds and sometimes thousands of requests that flood most helpdesks at any given time, the absence of efficient automation could lead to employee frustration, loss of clients, poor time management and financial loss. The best feature in our helpdesk automation is the automatic generation, administration, and tracking of tickets.

When it comes to client customer service knowledge is key. That’s why we installed an inbuilt analytics system that enables you to track the key metrics at any point in time. That’s why the automation allows you to make critical quick time changes and decisions based on the kind of data being generated.