Helpdesk Software

One of the critical solutions that we provide at Helpsumo is helpdesk software. Proper helpdesk solution has the capacity to infuse your overall customer experience with closer, more meaningful, profitable and personal engagement that results in long term sales. The software provides a support system that deals with inbound ticket requests from any channel i.e. live chat, phone, the web, social and email.

Additionally, the system comes with a self-service model that allows clients to serve themselves which engenders proactive approach to requests. If you keep in mind the fact that we allow for a 30-day trial then you will have had ample time to get a feel of how the software will impact your business engagement.
The best part about our helpdesk software is that it provides you with a feature suite that generates critical and efficient data and insights.

Through the data, you are able to identify key trends and client behaviour as well as the frequent requests. The typical modern help desk handles hundreds and sometimes thousands of applications on an average day. In such an environment the potential for costly mistakes, chaos, loss of data and client frustration are incredibly high. In the absence of an efficient software system then staff frustration and the customer turnover will be massive.

The top critical functions that our helpdesk software provides you with are robust ticketing system, self-service knowledge base and community forums. You care free to subscribe to any of the three plan that we have for the software. However, we would encourage you to take up the sumo plan which offers all the six solutions that we have on offer. The other two programs offer you four and two of the six solutions respectively. The helpdesk software is mobile ready, cloud-based, integrated and easily customizable.