Everybody deserves great service experiences – especially your hardworking internal teams. With Help Sumo, you can focus on supporting your team, so your team can focus on their day-to-day.

Most customer are fickle especially online

They are impatient and want instant and well thought answers. To deliver that kind of quality on demand requires an effective help desk software, especially when you are dealing with thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands of customers in any given day. There are several instances when you truly need to implement an up to date help desk software solution.

Time Saving Automation

The best help desk software can enable you to categorize, prioritize, assign and track a customer support issue as it moves through the system. It can also help you to execute disbursement of tickets to agents based on expertise and levels of clearance. This creates a culture of specialization within the support staff and in turn boosts optimization of skills and talents.

Customer Support Billing

An effective help desk provides a means with which you can track how much time you spend on a client. It also helps you know the amount of time spend responding to a particular issue. This is very critical when it comes to implementing a billing system since it helps you determine which billing system will work best for the organization.

Customer Apps and Portal

In the event that you can create a customer service portal then you would have freed up your team to deal with as few queries and clients as possible. A portal enable customers to serve themselves online through the system. Additionally you have the option of implementing the help desk services through mobile apps.

Seamless Integration across Channels

There are instances when you have to integrate the communication between Website, Twitter, Chat, Email, Phone and Facebook platforms. That’s because hundreds of request come from each of these platforms at any one time. The best way about it is a help desk software can equip you to implement such a ticketing system. The best help desk software should be easy to integrate with more than 40 other applications.