IT Helpdesk

Integration of IT into your helpdesk operations greatly amplifies your customer service quality and experience. It significantly magnifies the potential and capacity of your helpdesk solutions. Our helpsumo IT helpdesk carries with it a multi-channel ticketing as well as employee portals to enhance self-service. Our IT Helpdesk also has lots of ITIL processes that equip the IT team with the ability to track problems, troubleshoot tickets, assets and changes while delivering impeccable service to your clients and your agents.

The central benefit is that it is customizable, and it has the typical IT helpdesk processes and solutions without the attendant ITIL complexities. It’s a very flexible platform with excellent analytics that enables you to tweak the system and improve the service delivery processes continually. The automation tools are built to manage incidents, service requests, track problems and provide up to date ticketing features. It also keeps track of phones, monitors, and computers as well as integrate all the process with standard IT asset management tools.

Our IT helpdesk also provides intuitive self-service employee portals which minimises the incidences of password resets and basic IT problems. Most importantly the integration between web, email, mobile, chat and phones expands the level of options available for the employees when they need to contact you. Additionally, our helpsumo IT Helpdesk provides timely and well-curated analytics which provides a platform for tracking key metrics and generating custom reports for your bosses, agents and even the clients.

The software features enable you to identify the recurrent issues and to be able to generate self-service tools, a knowledge base, or automated process to solve those recurrent problems. The best part about it is that you can integrate it into 380+ other apps and IT tools. Keep in mind that most clients don’t pay for the service you offer, they pay for the experience that they have.