Phone Support

The average costs of an inbound call is about $5.90 which may sound small, but when it’s computed alongside the 50 billion calls to call centres per year, then the costs becomes staggering. As a firm grows and the number of agents increases it becomes harder to standardise the experience and personalise the service for each customer. You also have to keep in mind that building call centres take months and lots of cash.

That’s why the helpsumo phone support software is such a simple, affordable and easy to use alternatives. Our phone support software is the most utilised solutions because phone support is the most popular channel for customer service all over the world. Keep in mind that most human beings still treasure the ability to explain their concerns and questions to another person at the end of the line rather than in impersonal emails and social media chats.

This cloud-based call centre software comes at an affordable price, and it can be managed from the same platform used to manage all other channels. What makes the helpsumo phone support service a top notch alternative is that it provides a quick review of the client’s history, automatic ticket creation as well as call recording, which then frees up the agents to focus on the conversations rather than the workflow. The software offers such cutting edge features like group routing, real-time queue monitoring and flexible IVR to prevent backlog and to prioritise the calls.

Besides that, the platform also delivers timely analytics which comes in handy when you are planning to improve efficiency and turnaround time. The best part about it is that the setup is quick and straightforward. It doesn’t require technicians, new vendors or even having to retrain the agents. All you need are headsets, an internet connection.