Social Support

The modern world is built around social media and online engagement on social sites. That means a significant segment of your customers will always file their queries, concerns and complaints through social media. That’s why a firm that ignores or neglect its social media presence is likely to lose lots of customers who get frustrated because of non-responsiveness. Helpsumo has built some of its solutions around social support. Our platform is designed to integrate your social media support with the rest of the helpdesk solutions.

Let’s face it, very few companies have developed a proper system for handling their support social issues as a form of social media customer service. Through the free trial period, you will be able to test the efficacy of our support social software and its capacity to seamless work towards achieving your social media goals and plans. The best part about our solutions is that you can upgrade or downgrade from one package to another without any attendant cancellation fee.

The software automatically turns all the requests on the social support platforms into tickets which can then be handled by your agents. It also allows the agents to switch from public conversation to private conversations such as Direct Messages and Inbox conversations which help them to uphold privacy and confidentiality. The ability of the system to capture all concerns in one location provides grounds for personalised and timed social support services for each client.

The truth of the matter is that when a customer writes a complaint on social media lots of other viewers are likely to come across it. Unattended queries reflect poorly on the company’s brand and quality of service. That’s why when we designed the social support solutions we aimed at ensuring that all customer queries are captured in real time and sorted out. This software could be the difference between building great client engagement and losing out in business.