Efficacy of Ticket Tracking Software

Ticket tracking has the same speed, flexibility and simplicity as emails but it offers you more options than an email can. The variety of choices as well as its adaptability to different situations is what makes it a critical part of proper customer support systems in any given company.

It has centralized systems

This comes in handy when you are dealing with lots of agents handling hundreds of requests at any one time. The system frees you up to know the level of intervention for any request at any one point and the person who is handling as well as the remaining steps to the resolution of the query. The best part is that it acts as a system of records.

It Provides Metrics

Given that the software serves as a system of files it is possible to run down the number of requests handled by a particular person, the types of request, the time spent per request, and the overall quality of the service he or she offered. Such data comes in handy during appraisal, salary and commission negotiation and annual planning.

Help priorities workflow

The systems allow you to come up with scales for different requests and how to priorities them. Therefore a query rank one could be more urgent than a query marked two. Also, you can have vowels to indicate the nature of the query. 3a could be a moderate query regarding the billing system or 2c could be a pretty urgent query regarding the availability of a particular product in the firm.

Fosters transparency

When everyone can tell who is handling which query then the transparency within the system grows. That also reduces the duplication of efforts by the agents or mishandling of a customer query. This openness particularly comes in handy when allocating resources based on which department or team handles most queries.