Ticketing Software

When it comes to customer service, the ticketing system or the support ticketing system takes the client requests and automatically converts them into customer service tickets. From the get go, we at Helpsumo set out to design a system that would act as a shared inbox for all our client’s requests and feedback. This guarantees that no matter what channel the customers sent the request from we will get it in real time and a subsequent ticket will be generated.

This kind of integration of our software with all online platforms including Twitter, Facebook, chat and email enables you to monitor all these platforms from the ticketing platforms. By using this ticketing system, you get to effectively streamline your ticketing management. The basic tenet of client engagement is that good customer service begins with clear, timely and proper communication with your customers. The system will provide you with features like ticket views, trackers, automation and ticket triggers.

Even if you are an 8-5pm business, your customers will most likely continue to send requests throughout the day and night. That’s why this software carries with it the ability to keep tracking your client’s concerns 24/7. It allows you to build a customer portal, a knowledge base and a thriving community in a very short period. You can effectively customize the ticketing system and transform it to match your brand’s look and feel.

Ultimately what makes our ticketing system at helpsumo to be a world-class masterpiece is its reporting and analytics features. Analytics puts at your fingertips all the critical knowledge that you need to utilise so as to be able to improve and monitor your client experience and your internal efficiency. Besides the analytics, it also carries with it an apps integration feature meaning that you can streamline it alongside lots of other apps that you need to handle your overall customer experience.